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Top Vitamins for a Healthy Spring 2024

Top Vitamins for a Healthy Spring 2023
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Spring has finally arrived so we are in a good mood enjoying the sunshine and the birds chirping. However, the idyll quickly ends when we fall ill due to a lack of vitamins. Now I will tell you what helps me to fight illnesses during the seasonal change.

Vitamin D

It’s not easy to get natural vitamin D from the sunlight, especially for people like me, who don’t get out very often. So I chose to get vitamin D in supplement form and I have to tell you that after I started taking it, I felt much more strength than I used to have before. Moreover, my mood during the day has become much better and I became more positive.

Getting Vitamin D


I don’t eat fish often; however, I know that Omega 3 is very important for the body because it reduces inflammation and it also supports heart health. So when I decided to take Omega-3 all year round I noticed that even if I ever get ill, I recover much faster than I used to.

Mivolis - Top German Brand Of Vitamins And Supplements

Vitamin C

During the cold season, I can’t get as much fresh fruit and vegetables as I would like to. That is why this year I tried to compensate for the lack of vitamin C with supplements. The interesting fact is that my skin became much plumper and softer than it usually was during winter and springtime. What is more, this winter and spring I got sick only once, and fortunately, I recovered very soon.   

Vitamin C

Spring is not an easy time, so please take care of yourself. Hope my Healthy Spring tips will help you.

The supplements that I take at the moment:

Mivolis Vitamin C Depot Capsules 40 Capsules

Mivolis Vitamin C Depot Capsules 40 Capsules

Would you like a vitamin kick? Our body does not produce the vital vitamin C itself, but has to absorb it primarily through food. The vitamin capsules with depot function Mivolis Vitamin C Depot Capsules gradually release small amounts of vitamin C into your body.

Mivolis Omega-3 Capsules 60 capsules

Mivolis Omega-3 Capsules 60 capsules

Mivolis Omega-3 Capsules contain valuable, unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids from fish and salmon oil. It helps maintain normal cardiac function. The capsules are for people who do not like fish (that contains so important fatty acids) or do not eat it regularly. The capsules also contain vitamin E, which protects the cells from oxidative stress.

Please share the supplements that you take and how they help you!

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