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SEINZ. The modern men’s brand of cosmetics.

SEINZ. What is it? It’s the modern men’s brand of cosmetics. You may find all that you need: facial care products, refreshing shower products, deodorants, products for hair or shaving.

Seinz. The modern men's brand of cosmetics.
Seinz. The modern men’s brand of cosmetics.

SEINZ. products – what’s in them? In the SEINZ. products you will find only high-quality ingredients, from activated carbon to aloe vera and microalgae extract to coriander. They perfectly protect and regenerate your skin and hair. However, it’s not just the ingredients – SEINZ. products amaze with their wonderful scent. After using the SEINZ. products with minty, fresh or masculine cedar notes, you are not only well-groomed but also smell good.

Nice to know: SEINZ. products are made in Germany.
Nice to know: SEINZ. products are made in Germany.

Sustainability at SEINZ. – SEINZ. products packaging or containers (without closure) consists of over 90% recycled material. When you purchase the products of SEINZ., you are doing something goodfor our planet: part of the sales goes to the project of the social organization “Plastic Bank”. The goal of this organization is to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment and at the same time to fight poverty in developing countries.

You can purchase SEINZ. products at our store.

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