Suddenly Chalou Eau de Parfum 75 ml


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Suddenly Chalou Eau de Parfum 75 ml

Suddenly Chalou Eau de Parfum is a light, fresh, and powdered floral aroma with notes of citrus, aquatic flowers, and mellifluous accords. Chalou is a charming and simple perfume. It is a flexible fragrance, suitable for different occasions. 

“Chalou promises to be fruity and sweet. Unlike most fragrances which boast a bright and spicy opening, here we find a dominant British rose, delicate and suave, so dusty, dewy, seductive.

At the heart, a dewy magnolia adds an aquatic bed in which to lie down. The essence transforms into a cocktail of freshly rubbed tea rose, magnolia, and lily of the valley.

The finish is the most heavenly woody and amber composition I have ever experienced on my skin as far as feminine classified fragrances are concerned. I have a lot of musks and nothing in this perfume is sweet, not even the supposed amber accord at its base. It’s not so light though as to be a skin scent. It is noticeable in terms of projection and lasts a decent amount of time.”

75 ml

Produced in Germany

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