Rivana Cocoa Butter – 100% Natural Product


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Rivana Cocoa Butter – 100% Natural Product

Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans by cold pressing, which preserves natural nutrients. It has an irresistible chocolate aroma and a melting point of 35°С. It melts at body temperature and is immediately absorbed by the skin, creating a barrier between the harmful effects of the environment / sun, wind / and the skin. Cocoa butter contains natural antioxidants, is rich in vitamin E. It has been used for centuries to moisturize and soften the skin. The oil soothes and hydrates the skin, helps to slow down the signs of aging, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks during pregnancy, improves skin elasticity. Suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients: 100% natural product – no preservatives.

Do not take internally!

Produced in Bulgaria

55 ml

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Weight 100 g


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