Profissimo Natural Pure Essential Orange Oil 10 ml


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Profissimo Natural Pure Essential Orange Oil 10 ml (Profissimo Naturreines ätherisches Öl Orange)

Orange (Citrus sinensis) essential oil has a rich, fruity scent that lifts the spirit while providing a calming influence on the body. Orange brings peace and happiness to the mind. It is rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene and aids in maintaining normal cellular regeneration. Orange may also be used to enhance the flavor of food and water. 

• 100% pure oil

• Revitalizing effect

• Without the addition of alcohol and preservatives

• Without emulsifiers and artificial fragrances 

• Excellent for spa, for aroma lamp or air freshener and sauna infusions

The scents stimulate the sense of smell and have a positive effect on the mental and physical well-being.

Add only a few drops to the bowl of water and put it into the aroma lamp. The optimal addition of 1-2 drops of oil based on a 5 square meter aromatizing premises.

Produced in Germany

10 ml

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