Nature of Agiva Roses Body Scrub 200 ml


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Nature of Agiva Roses Body Scrub 200 ml 

Invigorating body scrub with natural rose water and rose oil gentle cleanses, refreshes and hydrates your skin.

The unique healing properties of rose oil and rose water which have been known since ancient times are successfully used in the production of cosmetic products. They cleanse and refresh the skin, nourish and maintain the hydro-lipid balance, stimulate cell regeneration, calm and relieve inflammatory processes. They work like antioxidants and thus slow down the process of skin aging.

The Bulgarian Rose Damascene (Rosa Damascena) is unquestionably precious – rose oil is the most valuable essential oil with an aromatic, calming and cleansing effect. It takes thousands of rose petals to produce one drop of rose oil! This type of rose is one of the finest thanks to the favorable climatic conditions and the ecological environment where it is grown – in the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria.

No parabens, no silicones. Does not contain mineral oil and artificial colors.

200 ml

Produced in Bulgaria

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