Mivolis Magnesium + Potassium Sticks 30 bags


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Mivolis Magnesium + Potassium Sticks 30 bags (Mivolis Magnesium + Kalium Direkt-Sticks)

The practical sticks of Mivolis Magnesium + Potassium contain high doses of magnesium, which can be easily taken without liquid anytime and anywhere. Magnesium helps to regulate the electrolyte balance, while the added potassium contributes to a healthy function of muscle and bone health.

People who lack magnesium usually feel inexplicable inner anxiety, stress, cardiac arrhythmias, muscle cramps, numbness in fingers, dizziness, buzzing in ears, constant fatigue. In the absence of magnesium, calcium is eliminated from our bodies. Then it can cause heart problems, leg cramps and nausea. Magnesium is essential for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Magnesium deficiency is often felt by elderly people. Studies show that two-thirds of elderly people receive 75 % less magnesium with food than it is recommended. This leads to the development of osteoporosis.

Minor potassium deficiency causes general weakness and fatigue. Patients complain of rapid heart beating, constipation, muscle weakness, leg cramps. Mood changes are evident.

– food supplement with magnesium and potassium
– for high physical activity
– during stressful situations
– helps normal metabolism
– reduction of tiredness and fatigue
– with cherry flavor
– vegan
– without sweeteners

Directions for use: Take 1-2 times daily. Put the contents of a bag directly on the tongue, allow it to dissolve slowly and swallow.

2 bags: magnesium 400 mg (107%), potassium 375 mg (19%).

Ingredients: Sucrose, magnesium oxide, potassium bicarbonate, acidifier: citric acid, potassium hydrogen phosphate, maltodextrin, beetroot powder, cherry flavors, coconut oil, acidifier: sodium citrate, releasing agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids

Without sweeteners

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.
Excessive consumption can have a laxative effect.
This product is not suitable for children under 4 years of age. Keep out of reach of small children.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat and light.

30 bags

Produced in Germany

Here you can read more about the benefts of Magnesuim and Potassium – Orlando Clinical Research Center

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