Mivolis Ground Psyllium Husk 250 g


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Mivolis Ground Psyllium Husk 250 g (Mivolis Flohsamenschalen gemahlen)

Dietary fiber is indispensable for our body, but most people eat too little fiber that is not enough for their daily needs. In this case, Mivolis Ground Psyllium Husk is the ideal choice. The swelling volume of the psyllium husk gently increases the volume of the stool and thereby supports digestion. The product is tasteless and can also be used long-term.

– ground psyllium husks
– rich in high-quality fiber
– can support digestion
– also suitable for long-term use
– tasteless

Recommended dosage: Stir a teaspoon (3 g each) in plenty of liquid (at least 200 ml) such as water or juice twice a day and drink immediately. Then drink 1-2 more glasses of liquid.

Ingredients: Indian Psyllium (Plantago ovata).

Adequate hydration is essential when consuming.
When taking psyllium husks, the intake of medication taken at the same time has to be delayed. Therefore psyllium husks should be taken half an hour or an hour before or after the medicines.
Psyllium husks are also suitable for baking and thickening food.
Store below 20 °C in a dry place.
It is important to pay attention to a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

250 g

Produced in Germany

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