Ebelin Sensitive Facial Cleansing Brush


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Ebelin Sensitive Facial Cleansing Brush (ebelin Gesichtsreinigungsbürste Sensitive)

The Ebelin Sensitive Facial Cleansing Brush is ideal for cleansing and taking care of your sensitive skin. Its microfine synthetic bristles gently cleanse the skin pores. Simply apply a facial wash gel or peeling to the brush and gently massage the skin.

– facial cleansing for sensitive skin
– for a radiant complexion
– cleanses the pores
– for daily cleansing
– with ergonomic handle
– vegan

Care: Please clean the cleansing brush under running water after each application and hang it on the cord to dry.

This item is available in different colors. The preselection of a certain color is unfortunately not possible.

1 brush

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