Ebelin Professional Duo Eyebrow Styler


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Ebelin Professional Duo Eyebrow Styler (ebelin Professional Duo-Augenbrauenstyler)

The duo eyebrow styler from Ebelin Professional scores with its special brush cut and the synthetic hair with an antibacterial effect. An antibacterial additive has been added to the base material of this synthetic hair. The styler also allows precise filling and a beautiful definition of the eyebrows. For professional make-up and expressive eyebrows!

– eyebrow brush + styler
– synthetic hair with antibacterial effectiveness
– for precise filling and definition of the eyebrows
– make-up like a professional
– FSC certified and vegan

Application: The slanted side of the duo eyebrow styler with STABLE SYNTHETIC BRISTLES allows precise tracing of the eyebrows. The tip fills in gaps, the surface thickens fine hairs to create fuller eyebrows. The brush blends the drawn lines and brings the hairs into shape. Vegan.

To be used with: creamy and powdery eyebrow products.

Clean the brush regularly with a mild shampoo. Then dab lightly and allow to air dry.

Laboratory tests according to DIN EN ISO 20743:2013 showed a reduction in bacterial growth on the brush hair and confirmed the antibacterial effectiveness of the synthetic hair. Contamination, e.g. with cosmetic residues, or improper cleaning can affect the antibacterial effectiveness.

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