Ebelin Precision Makeup Sponges 8 Sp.


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Ebelin Ebelin Precision Makeup Sponges 8 Sp.(ebelin Präzisions-Make-up-Schwämme)

Achieve perfect makeup with the Ebelin Ebelin Precision Makeup Sponges. The triangular shape of the sponge allows you to evenly apply make-up with a creamy and liquid texture on your skin.

The wide base of the triangles is great for applying make-up to the forehead and cheeks, while the tip is for precise application in the eye and nose areas. After application, wash the sponge with water and use it next time. For a stunning look!

– a precision sponge for applying liquid and creamy textures
– facilitates even and precise makeup application
– easy to clean
– no latex

GTIN: 4058172803208

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