Ebelin Papillotes 4 pcs


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Ebelin Papillotes 4 pcs (ebelin Papilloten, 4 St)

Do you want dream curls? It’s so easy with the Ebelin papillots! In no time you can make an incredible WOW mane. It can be used on dry hair as well as on wet hair. The soft surface of the papillotes provides a secure and firm fit. These curlers are also ideal for women with permanent waves. How tempting!

– vegan hair curlers
– diameter: 16 mm
– length: 200mm
– suitable for medium-length and long hair

Application: divide your hair to strands. Thick strands result in soft, large curls, natural waves and volume. Narrow strands result in tight and spiral curls. Use two papillots at once for even more volume. Start wrapping over from the forehead. Bend papillots together. Blow dry your hair with papillots with a blow dryer. If necessary, clean papillots in warm water with shampoo and allow to dry well. Do not bend papillots at the outer ends.

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