Ebelin Nail Nippers For Toenails And Fingernails


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Ebelin Nail Nippers For Toenails And Fingernails (ebelin Fuß- und Fingernagelschere)

With the Ebelin Nail Nippers For Toenails And Fingernails, toenails and fingernails can be trimmed cleanly and precisely. The nippers are ideal for left- and right-handed people. The stainless steel makes the nail nippers particularly durable. For the perfect manicure and pedicure at home.

– ideal for thick and hard nails
– cuts without crushing or splintering
– for beautiful and manicured nails
nail nippers for toenails and fingernails
– for right and left handed people
– made of stainless steel

Application: To cut the nails, position the open nippers on one side of the nail, with one of the blades under the nail, and one above. With the open blades find the “line” to which you’d like to trim the nail.

GTIN: 4058172018046

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