Ebelin Facial Peeling+Massage Pad Assorted 1 pc


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Ebelin Facial Peeling+Massage Pad Assorted 1 pc (ebelin Gesichtspeeling + Massagepad sort., 1 St)

Relaxation for your face! The facial peeling + massage pad of Ebelin gives you a slightly different kind of care moment. The large knobs massage the skin and stimulate blood circulation, especially in larger areas of the face. The peeling hairs in the middle remove dead skin cells and ensure pleasant smoothness. But the cleansing effect should not be missing either. The fine hairs gently clear the skin and can also be used on the sensitive eye area. It is also ideal for cleaning brushes and Co. A true all-rounder for all cases!

– available in various trendy colors
– facial scrub and massage pad
– for facial care of all skin types
– promotes blood circulation
– also suitable for cleaning cosmetic brushes

This article is available in different colors. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pre-select a specific color for this order.

Care instructions: wash with warm water after use and allow to dry well.

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