Ebelin Beveled Makeup Egg Sponge Assorted (1 pc)


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Ebelin Beveled Makeup Egg Sponge Assorted (ebelin Abgeschrägtes Make-up Ei sort., 1 St)

The beveled makeup egg sponge of Ebelin is a must-have in any make-up box! The egg sponge was specially developed for a wide variety of applications. With the flat tip, redness and impurities disappear in no time. With the round side, concealer can be applied precisely and with the round base, make-up can be worked into large areas. In addition, contours and highlights can be perfectly set with the beveled side. Your all-rounder when it comes to beauty!

This article is available in different colors. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pre-select a specific color for this order.

– latex-free, beveled make-up egg
– in different colors
– versatile
– applies makeup perfectly
– easy to clean

Care instructions: clean the Egg Sponge carefully with warm water and mild shampoo and allow to dry well.

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