Dontodent Tongue Cleaner (Random Color)


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Dontodent Tongue Cleaner (DONTODENT Zungenreiniger)

The Dontodent Tongue Cleaner cleans the coating on the upper surface of the tongue, so your breath stays fresh and your mouth is well-protected from halitosis, dental caries and periodontal disease. 

– for oral hygiene
– removes the bacteria from the tongue
– with hard and soft edges
– with ergonomic and non-slip grip

Application: After brushing the teeth, place the duo-tongue cleaner as far back on the tongue as possible, then pull the duo-tongue cleaner towards the front of the tongue and repeat as necessary. Use the duo system as follows. Step 1: Use the hard edge for the removal of stubborn tongue coating. Step 2: Use soft special edge for effective and gentle final cleaning. Rinse the mouth and rinse the tongue cleaner with water. For daily use it is recommended to change the tongue cleaner after 5 months of use. It is also recommended to replace the tongue cleaner after illness.

Produced in Germany

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