Dontodent Floss Sticks Unwaxed 40 sticks


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Dontodent Floss Sticks Unwaxed 40 sticks (DONTODENT Zahnseide-Sticks ungewachst)

The Dontodent Floss Sticks are made with firmer, unwaxed floss. The interdental spaces and posterior tooth area will be thoroughly cleaned of plaque and debris. Gum problems and tooth decay can be prevented.

– unwaxed and unflavored
– ergonomic non-slip grip
– also ideal for travelling
– dental floss and toothpick
– for conscientious oral hygiene

Application: Place the floss stick between teeth and gently press against the gum. Use an in-and-out motion to remove food particles and stimulate gums. Rinse as necessary. Dispose after use.

40 sticks

Produced in Germany

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Weight 100 g


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