DmBio Seasoned Salt 200 g


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DmBio Seasoned Salt (dmBio Kräutersalz)

The finest sea salt combined with selected herbs – it only tastes that good with dmBio! With the vegan herbal salt you can refine salads, vegetables, dressings and many other dishes. Turn your meal into a culinary highlight. The herbal salt is also Naturland certified. This means that it is pure organic quality that goes beyond the requirements of the EU organic regulation. Give your food the flavor it needs in pure organic quality!

– vegan organic herbal salt
– certified by Naturland
– for refining dishes
– suitable for a wide variety of dishes

Exact product name: Organic Naturland herbal salt without iodine

Ingredients: 85% sea salt | 12.4% herbs (ground leek *, ground celery *, ground lovage *, ground fennel *, ground marjoram *, ground basil *, ground chives *) | Ground onions * | Ground parsnips * | Ground carrots * | Ground chilli *
* from organic farming

May contain traces of peanuts, gluten, almonds, milk, celery and mustard.
Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat and light.

200 g

Produced in Germany

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