DmBio Organic Soluble Malt Coffee 100 g


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DmBio Organic Soluble Malt Coffee 100 g (dmBio Malzkaffee löslich)

The soluble organic malt coffee from dmBio is a delicately sweet hot drink to enjoy. It is made from mildly aromatic barley with a natural malt sugar content. The malt coffee is decaffeinated and therefore a delicious alternative to conventional coffee.

– organic malt coffee
– mild, slightly sweet taste
– vegan
– without coffein

Ingredients: organic malt coffee
Organic malt coffee, soluble. Barley*malted.
*from organic farming

Instructions: Pour hot water or hot milk over 1-2 teaspoons of malt coffee per cup and stir well.

Storage instructions: For a long-lasting aromatic taste, reseal the opened can with the lid and store in a cool and dry place. Please use within 4 weeks after the first opening.

100 g

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