DmBio Herbal Tea Rosemary & Thyme 30g


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DmBio Herbal Tea Rosemary & Thyme 30g (dmBio Kräutertee Rosmarin, Thymian)

Rosemary and thyme are often used in Mediterranean cuisine and can be found in many spice shelves. In our DmBio Herbal Tea Rosemary & Thyme they also impress as a drink with an intensely aromatic taste thanks to their essential oils.

Rosemary and thyme prefer a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and sunny summers. Prepare the tea plain or lightly sweetened with honey or raw cane sugar.

– known from Mediterranean cuisine and in many spice shelves
– Naturland quality
– vegan

This product has a tested environmental or sustainability seal.
With this information we would like to make it easier for our customers to consume more environmentally consciously.

Preparation: Important: Always pour the tea with boiling water and let it steep for at least 5 minutes. This is the only way to get safer food.

Exact product name: Organic rosemary-thyme tea.

Ingredients: 84% rosemary*, 16% thyme*.
*from organic farming

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat and light.


Produced in Germany

GTIN: 4066447232042

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