Balea Sensitive Underarm Pads Size M 14 pcs


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Balea Sensitive Underarm Pads Size M 14 pcs (Balea Achselpads Sensitive M)

The Underarm Pads of Balea help effectively eliminate the problem of excessive sweating. They easily adhere to the clothing and absorb sweat reliably. An effective protection from deodorant and sweat stains and annoying odor.

– absorb sweat and odor
– against the formation of body odor
– self-adhesive pads applied to the clothing
– prevent stains formation
– without aluminum

Application: Remove adhesive sheet from the pad, insert the pad inside your clothes. Remove the pad after use.

– Balea Underarm Pads perfectly adhere to the textile and do not stick to the skin.
– for optimum adhesion of the pads, the clothes must be dry.
– stop using the underarm pads if you have any skin irritation.
– usage with Angora and mohair is not recommended.
– remove before washing/cleaning your clothes.

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