Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pads (Reusable) 1 Pair


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Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pads (Reusable) 1 Pair (Balea Schuh Pads)

The transparent, ultra-thin gel pads for your comfort. 

The shoe pads are vegan.

With these Hight Heel Gel Pads, you can walk in comfort all night long! Each heel cushion is made from a discreet, ultra-thin clear gel, which attaches to the inside of your shoe. 

Just peel off the adhesive strip and place the sticky side in the forefoot area. Put on your shoes, take a step and voila – instant relief for your tired feet! 

Reusable (wash off with water).

1 pair

Produced in Germany