Balea Deo Crystal Anti-Perspirant 100 g


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Balea Deo Crystal Anti-Perspirant 100 g (Balea Anti-Transpirant Deo Kristall)

Particularly gentle on your skin: Balea Deo Crystal Anti-Perspirant. The skin-friendly antiperspirant formula protects against body odor and wetness. The Balea Deo Crystal Anti-Perspirant is ideal for hypersensitive and allergic skin.

The odor-neutral formula is free from alcohol, perfumes, dyes and preservatives.

The Deo Crystal Anti-Perspirant is vegan.

Application: Moisten the Deo Crystal Anti-Perspirant with water and apply 2-3 times to the cleaned armpit areas.

Keep dry. Fragile!
Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin.

Ingredients: AMMONIUM ALUM.

100 g

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