AUTAN After-Insect-Bite Spray 25 ml


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AUTAN After-Insect-Bite Spray 25 ml

  • If you forget to apply AUTAN Insect Repellent, you allow insects to land on your skin and bite or sting.
  • For such occurrences, AUTAN has developed the AUTAN After-Insect-Bite Spray, which helps to soothe and treat the affected area of skin.
  • The AUTAN After-Insect-Bite product cares for the irritated skin, soothing it and dispelling the redness around the bite as well as stopping the itching and having a lasting cooling effect.
  • Cooling insect spray applied at the right moment after an insect bite, cools the skin and provides a long lasting refreshing feeling.
  • 25 ml spray

25 ml