Alteya Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil (Rose Otto) 1 ml

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Alteya Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil (Rose Otto) 1 ml

Alteya Rose oil is a 100% pure and natural steam-distilled rose essential oil product. Alteya’s Rose Essential Oil is certified organic according to the strict USDA, National Organic Program standards. Alteya organic roses are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or any other harmful additives.

The direct involvement and strictly controlled process from cultivation and harvesting to distillation, ensure that the rose oil is one of the very finest on the market -100% pure, USDA, NOP certified organic.

– Dermatology-grade;
– Therapeutic, cleansing, and detoxifying;
– Anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing, and balancing;
– Anti-aging and moisturizing;
– Rejuvenating, stimulating, and harmonizing;
– Antiseptic.

Application: It drives away melancholy, promotes harmony and is one of the strongest natural aphrodisiacs. Goes well with almost any other oil and helps reach inner emotional balance.

Add few drops to your massage oil, warm bath, favorite lotion and oil burner and experience the rejuvenating power of the Bulgarian Rose. Rose Oil is heart (middle) note essential oil and brings out the best in other notes. It forms a perfect blend with, jasmine, sandalwood, neroli, ylang-ylang, chamomile and geranium.

The rich molecular composition of rose oil makes it one of the most beneficial essential oils for skin and personal care products. Alteya Bulgarian Rose Oil has strong restoring and anti-aging properties in a very concentrated form; it adds vitality and balance. Add it to any moisturizer (cream and lotion) to rejuvenate skin and improve texture.

Interesting Facts
Rose oil crystallizes at lower temperatures.
The presence of plant waxes in pure rose oil is what causes it to solidify at certain temperatures. It will form translucent crystals below 22 C/72 F. This does not alter its quality, but rather verifies that it is a true Rose Otto.

It takes a lot of roses to produce even a drop of real Rose Otto.
It takes approximately 32 – 33 000 individual petals (or around 1100 rose flowers) to produce one 1 ml bottle of rose oil.

Rose harvesting is entirely manual and a very labor – intensive process.
No heavy machinery is used, and all rose picking is done by hand.

Authentic, high quality organic Rose Otto is not cheap.
The high cost of producing authentic Bulgarian rose oil explains its value.  It involves a lot of hand labor and a large amount of fresh roses, hand-picked before sunrise.

1 ml

Produced in Bulgaria

Here you can read more about the Rose Oil – Wikipedia

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    Happy that I found the REAL rose oil!!!

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