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Alverde Natural Cosmetics based on nature’s example

Alverde Natural Cosmetics based on nature’s example

Alverde Natural Cosmetics is a German beauty brand based on plant-based raw materials. For more than 25 years, Alverde has been producing high quality decorative cosmetics and facial and body care products.

Reliable quality with natural origin

At the heart of Alverde Natural Cosmetics there are ingredients that are preferably produced organically and sustainably. Natural essential oils provide an irresistible scent; herbs contribute their nourishing substances as do shea nuts and jojoba seeds. For the packaging, the focus is equally on the production from recycled material and the recyclability of the finished products.

No animal experiments

Alverde Natural Cosmetics does not use purely synthetic fragrances, colorings and preservatives and largely also substances of animal origin such as beeswax. Animal experiments also have no place. This means that these products can be considered vegan – look out for the vegan flower, the seal of approval for vegan cosmetics!

Vegan sign for cosmetics

Sustainability of Alverde products

However, the commitment does not end with satisfied customers – the natural cosmetics brand Alverde has always kept its eyes firmly on Mother Nature and the beginning of the supply chain. For example, a reforestation project in Ethiopia is supported to compensate for the CO2 emissions from the manufacture of folding boxes.

Another ecological and social success story is behind the shea butter in popular Alverde creams, body lotions and other products: the shea nuts for Alverde Natural Cosmetics products are collected by hand by women in Burkina Faso in West Africa and subjected to initial processing. This means that these women can make an essential contribution to their families’ income. Moreover, this method of shea nuts collection is gentle on the forest.

NATRUE seal of quality

Alverde Natural Cosmetics products meet the strict requirements for the NATRUE seal of quality and have repeatedly brought the brand into the circle of “Green Brands Austria”.

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Seventeen cosmetics – a beloved Greek brand of makeup and skincare.

Seventeen cosmetics - a beloved Greek brand of makeup and skincare.

Seventeen cosmetics brand started creating its wonderful beauty products in 1961 in Greece. Since then, the company has maintained its high quality and continues to come up with amazing new products all over the world.

Seventeen Mascara X-Traordinaire with 3-D Effect

First of all, Seventeen cosmetics creates remarkable makeup products, such as the popular foundations (Natural Velvet Longlasting Matte Foundation, Time Plus Longlasting Makeup), amazing mascaras (X-Traordinaire Mascara, The Stylist Mascara), magnificent lipsticks, eyeshadows and many other wonderful products.

Seventeen Time Plus Longlasting Make-up SPF 15

Seventeen cosmetics also offer a wide range of skin care products. They have well-known facial creams with SPF (Seventeen Daily Cream SPF 50+, Seventeen Daily Cream SPF 30). They also offer tinted versions of these creams which become absolute must-haves after you try them once.

Seventeen Daily Cream SPF 30 Tinted

Moreover, Seventeen creates many body lotions with all kinds of scents you can only imagine! The most popular is Seventeen Body Silk Red Flame with the composition of freesia, iris and peach, blended with patchouli and musk notes.

Seventeen Body Silk Red Flame 300 ml

Nice to know: all Seventeen cosmetics products are made in Greece.

Over the last few years, the company has created much more beauty products of all kinds. Many of them you may purchase at our store.