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Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Ampoules – for instant and long-term results!

Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Ampoules - for instant and long-term results!
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Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Ampoules are not produced anymore. They were changed to Balea Beauty Hyaluron 7-fold Lifting Treatment Ampoules.

Hyaluronic acid is so good for alleviating dry skin; it also wonderfully helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Hyaluronic acid improves the skin’s appearance by hydrating the outer layers of skin. Skin becomes more radiant and looks much more youthful.

Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Treatment Ampoules With Hyaluronic Acid

Why using ampoules is better?

When you apply hyaluronic acid to your skin, you can apply too much and this can lead to irritation and peeling. Having an ampoule ensures you have a premeasured dose and you will not apply too much or too little.

Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Treatment Ampoules With Hyaluronic Acid

The Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Treatment is a beautiful light box with 7 individual ampoules. You just have to crack open the top of the ampoule; use only half of it in the morning and the second half in the evening. When using the hyaluronic acid ampoules from Balea you should use them as a 7-day intensive treatment or for instant face-lift effect.

Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Treatment Ampoules With Hyaluronic Acid

In case you use the treatment for 1 week, then you have to pause for about 1,5-2 weeks (depends on your skin), then you can use it again. The reason is the Balea ampoules contain highly active ingredients.

Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Treatment Ampoules With Hyaluronic Acid

Nice to know: all Balea cosmetics products are made in Germany or Switzerland.

Here are some of the reviews of the customers:

I have been using the ampoules as my day, night and makeup care for years. They give a great hydration kick and I use them daily. The only downside is the price, which has gone up quite a bit. Still a really good product.

I’ve had neurodermatitis since birth and I have great problems finding a product that doesn’t dry out my skin further and still cares for it. I bought this product based on the good reviews and I have to say it was worth it. There are no “dry flakes” like with other products. For me, it only stretches briefly when applying, which quickly settles again. After that, I can cream my skin with Pantenol… as usual. It also seems to me that the small wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes have already been reduced. I’ve been taking the product for two weeks. Will continue to buy it.

Great product. Refreshes and lifts the skin. Super comfortable.

You can purchase Balea Beauty Hyaluron 7-fold Lifting Treatment Ampoules at our store.

You can also purchase many other Balea products at our store.

25 thoughts on “Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Ampoules – for instant and long-term results!

  1. GD morning, i hav acne problems but r v v much under controlled . I tried a year ago n loves it . I use one bottle for only at night -face, chest and neck . Should I still continue as usual ? Or I can use it night n morning as mentioned ? Pls advise so I can order

  2. Dear Dorothy, thank you for your question. You may use one ampoule in the morning or at night – as you wish. You may also use the half of it in the morning and the other half – at night.

    1. Ty for yr reply.

      What abt the for:7 Tage wellness Kur, should I also use it the same method as u mentioned – Day/night or only night time ?

      Appreciate yr reply

      1. What is the expiry for each packet of Intensiv Konzentrat( Balea beauty effect lifting kur? I can never seems to find any expiry date written on the box.


        1. Dear Dorothy,
          Please look at the ampoules – I hope you can find the expiry date written directly on them.

      2. Dear Dorothy,
        Yes, you may use these ampoules the same way as Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Ampoules, however pay attention to the scheme:
        Day 1 Moisturizing ampoule (Feuchtigkeits)
        Day 2 Moisturizing ampoule (Feuchtigkeits)
        Day 3 Anti-Stress ampoule
        Day 4 Anti-Stress ampoule
        Day 5 Fresh ampoule (Frische)
        Day 6 Fresh ampoule (Frische)
        Day 7 Moisturizing ampoule (Feuchtigkeits)

        1. Good morning Team

          Thank you so much for yr speedy reply and hav a blessed day !

  3. Now that I am using Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Ampoules- night and morning – today 17-11-22 my 4 days , I realised yesterday/ today – : after face washed – I applied 1. Balea Ampoules , my facial product :2. Serum 10-by Skin Ceutical, 3. Mineral 89F Skin Fortifying daily booster -mineralising water + Hyaluronic Acid ( moisturiser) and 4. sunscreen lotion by skin ceutical and let it rest for 15 mins( my usual routine) . After followed by my foundation- Tarte . And yesterday n today realised
    during application of foundation , there seems to be my sunscreen did not really sets into my skin and having this Sandy feeling n needs to clean excess away. Pls advise if I should continue or cut down Ampoules to only night ?

    Could u recommend me : I am having constant itching on the back of my shoulders ( wing / centre body ) after shower n morning ( bad) . I was using -Laroche posey – Cicaplast -Baumé-B5 – it helps at e beginning but no longer .

    Thank u

    1. Dear Dorothy,
      You may try two options:
      1. Apply in the morning Balea ampoule, Mineral 89F product, sunscreen, and foundation (without Serum 10). I suppose both Balea ampoule plus Serum – it’s too much.

      2. As you have said yourself, you may try using the Balea ampoule only at night.

      Regarding your question about the back of your shoulders, maybe you should try a more gentle shower gel. For example, Balea MED pH Neutral Shower Gel 300 ml. You may also try using Balea MED 2-in-1 Instant Care Body Milk With Urea 250 ml.

      However, please note that I’m not a dermatologist. I can also recommend you to watch the videos of the dermatologist Dr. Dray – She gives a lot of good advice on skin problems.

  4. Dorothy Chua -again . Thank you for yr reply .

    Could u recommend a full range of product tt I may use . 60 yrs old , acne prone – but under controlled for e past 2yrs n only occasionally- 1 or 2 small breakouts on my chin . My skin – still on the sensitive side . Pls read my earlier email where I did informed redg the productions tt I am currently using .

    At night ; after face washed did not apply any produce ( lazy ) 🫢. Sometimes only use Mineral 89

    1. Dear Dorothy,
      I suppose you may continue to use the products that you are currently using because it seems to me your skin feels well at the moment. If your skin tolerates these products well, you don’t have to change them.

      However, you may try adding something new, if you wish. For example, you may try Balea Niacinamide Day Cream SPF 30 50 ml. It is a moisturizer specifically developed for sensitive and acne-prone skin that creates a more even complexion with 10% niacinamide and SPF 30. It doesn’t contain any perfume – which is a big advantage for sensitive skin.

      You may also try Balea Niacinamide Serum 30 ml. It is also perfume-free and it perfectly moisturizes and prevents impurities.

      You may also try the Balea products from the new range Balea Beauty Expert. All these products are perfume-free and may be good for your skin.

      We also have many Balea Med products. They are delicate and are specially created for sensitive skin.

      However, please don’t forget that I’m not a dermatologist) I can only share my own experience with you. I love many Balea products and I have been constantly using them for many years.
      Hope my recommendations help you. Have a wonderful day!

      1. Thank you so much for all yr speedy replied and very much appreciated

        1. You are welcome! Have a nice day!

  5. Good evening
    Dorothy here :, could u recommend if I should try :
    1: Bale VITAL Intensive Serum 30 ml?
    Or go for
    2: Balea Niacinamide Serum 30 ml?
    3. I want to use a night cream n pls recommend ?

    Thank u

    1. Hi Dorothy!
      Balea VITAL Intensive Serum 30 ml is a wonderful product! It’s very light and is perfect even for sensitive skin. Regarding Balea Niacinamide Serum, I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t tell you if it is a good product for sensitive skin. However, the big plus is that is is perfume-free.

      Regarding the night cream – you may try Balea Beauty Expert Night Cream 0.3% Retinol & 2% Bakuchiol 125 ml. It is also perfume-free (as Balea Niacinamide Serum). However, please pay attention that in the beginning you should use the product no more than three times a week. If your skin tolerates it well, the application can be gradually extended to every second evening and finally every evening.

      1. Happy Holidays and Blessed New Year 2023 and May all Good things come crawling yr way !

        Thank you so much and will start ordering soon .

        May I know yr name , pls

        1. Here it goes: ; buying
          1. Balea VITAL Intensive Serum
          2. Balea Niacinamide Serum 30ml- I understand cannot use more than 3 times a wk).
          3. Balea eye concentrate set 7 capsules .
          4. Balea Beauty expert Night. Cream 0.3% Retinol &2 Bakuchiol-125ml.
          5 . Balea BeautyvEffect lifting Treatment Ampoules with Hyaluronic Acid 7×1 ml.

          Now that I am gg to change all my produce to Balea ( the above) , so Should I still continue with my current – MINERAL 89 skin Fortifying daily booster- mineralizing water + Hyaluronic Acid ?

          A: Can u advise me : for Balea Aqua Moisturing Serum 30ml?

          B: Balea Q10 Anti – winkle serum 30 ml?

          C: Balea retinol and Bakuchiol benefits ?

          1. Dear Dorothy,
            Yes, you may try all these products. They all are good and very effective. However, please try not to start using them all at once. Start with one new product and then, in case you don’t see any problems – add another one and so on.

            Regarding MINERAL 89 skin Daily booster, if your skin tolerates it well and you ike the effect, you should continue using it.

            Balea Aqua Moisturing Serum 30ml – it is a wonderful light serum, I do love it.

            Balea Q10 Anti–Wrinkle serum 30 ml – it is good, however, it has rather oily texture and the fragrance is rather strong. I’m not sure it will be perfect for sensitive skin.

            Balea Beauty Collagen Retinol Serum – is good for moisturizing and reducing wrinkles. It also makes the skin more elastic.

            Balea Retinol & Bakuchiol Concentrate Capsules – they are perfect for application at night. The consentrate has an oily texture at the beginning. A little later the serum absorbs making the skin elastic and makes the complexion more smooth with regular use.

        2. Thank you, dear Dorothy! Happy New Year!
          My name is Marina. You may read the story of our store here –

          1. Good morning n thank u so much Marina .

            Could u introduce a serum / cream for neck and chest .

          2. Hi Dorothy,
            These face serums are good for neck and chest: Balea Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Serum 30 ml, Balea VITAL Intensive Serum 30 ml, Balea Aqua Moisturizing Serum 30 ml, Balea Beauty Collagen Retinol Serum 30 ml, Balea Beauty Hyaluronic 7x Serum 30 ml.

            I can also recommend you this cream – Mixa The Face Cream for Sensitive Skin for the Whole Family. It is good for sensitive skin and is suitable for neck and chest.

  6. Happy blessed New Year !

    1. Happy New Year to you! I wish you a wonderful year filled with health and joy!

  7. Hello Mariana , how are you? It has been 8 mths since our last email . I had visited Germany n bough so many products- ty for yr recommendations .

    Recently realised tt after my application
    As follows:
    Balea beauty effect lifting Kur
    Beauty Hyaluronic Serum
    Balea Vital Intensive Serum 30ml
    Sunscreen- skin ceuticals
    While applying my skin ceutical a -sunscreen , I can feel that my skin ( smooth ) cannot absorb the sunscreen and feel the residue … very Sandy

    Please advise

    Thank u🙏

    1. Dear Dorothy,
      I’m happy to see you :)

      I suggest that you use one of the Balea products (not 3 altogether) plus sunscreen.

      For example, apply Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Kur, and use your sunscreen after that. Or Balea Beauty Hyaluronic Serum plus sunscreen. Or Balea Vital Intensive Serum plus sunscreen.

      Try all three options and see what works better for your skin.

      If nothing works, then it may be because of the following reasons:

      1. You may be using too much sunscreen or moisturizer, or both. This can cause the products to pile up on your skin and create a gritty texture. To avoid this, use only a thin layer of each product and wait for the moisturizer to absorb completely before applying the sunscreen.

      2. You may be using products that are not compatible with each other. Some ingredients in moisturizers and sunscreens may not mix well and cause separation or clumping.

      3. You may be using products that are expired or have been exposed to high temperatures. This can cause the products to degrade and change their consistency. To avoid this, check the expiration dates of your products and store them in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

      Hope this information helps you! Have a wonderful day!

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