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We are happy to welcome you at our Get Some Beauty store. Here you will find the best cosmetics, vitamins and beauty tools from Europe. We ship the orders carefully packaged via Deutsche Post with tracking information. We guarantee all our products are 100% genuine.

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The story of Get Some Beauty store

Dear friends!

I’m going to tell you the story of our Get Some Beauty store. It started in 2015 when I immigrated to Bulgaria with my family.

I have been using an electric wheelchair for more than 10 years due to a rare genetic disease for which, unfortunately, there is no cure yet. It is called LGMD (limb-girdle muscular dystrophy) and it causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. In the country, where I lived till the age of 30, most people are unfriendly to people with disabilities. People are afraid of them and do not treat them kindly. Therefore, when I couldn’t walk anymore and started using a powerchair, my family and I realized that we need to move from this place to a disabled-friendly country.

My family and I realized that we need to move from this place to a disabled-friendly country.

We managed to immigrate to Europe to Bulgaria. And here, in Bulgaria, people turned out to be so kind and open-hearted that there was not a day that I regretted our decision to move.

It’s me in the countryside in Bulgaria. It’s so calm here.

While living in a new country, I discovered many different brands of high-quality affordable cosmetics, such as the German brand Balea and the German brand of natural cosmetics – ALVERDE. I discovered the wonderful Greek decorative cosmetics – Seventeen and Bulgarian cosmetics with natural rose oil – Nature of Agiva Roses. Here I also found very good effective German supplements and vitamins – Mivolis. We use all these products in our family and we love them a lot.

Before coming to Europe, I hadn’t seen or tried any of these products. Now I can’t imagine my life without them. So I came up with the idea of ​​​​creating an online store where I could sell these products with a minimum margin all around the world. So that everyone could be beautiful and healthy using high-quality European products without spending a lot of money!

My family helped me create a website, and then I created the entire store myself, from scratch. I make descriptions in the English language for all the products in our store. I am constantly adding new, very interesting products. I constantly communicate with customers, I also process the orders. My family helps me with purchasing the ordered products, and also with packaging and shipping of the packages, for which I am eternally grateful to them.

But most of all, it is you, the customers of the store, who support me. Each of the orders you place, helps me to feel that, despite my illness, my work is needed and you enjoy our products. I am very grateful to you for shopping in our store and very grateful to you for the positive feedback you send to me.

At my workplace.

At this stage, I do not stop. I plan to expand the range of high-quality affordable products in our store. Also, if you need any special product that is not presented on our website – please write to me. I will try to find it for you and make it available at our Get Some Beauty store for all the people. Your opinion and advice are very important to me.

Sincerely yours,
Marina Smirnova